Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunting Deep in the Boreal Forests of Northern Manitoba

Guests of Wekusko Falls Lodge / Hunting Outfitters in Northern Manitoba have successfully hunted  numerous record book bears thoughout the years with harvests ranging from a 250 pound average to a whopping 500+ pounds.

Here at Wekusko Falls Lodge we want every hunter to have the best chance possible to harvest a trophy bear.  In order to reach that  goal, we bait a minimum 3 baits per hunter.  Not only that, we  customize each bait site to ensure that the hunter has the best chance  of making the hunt successful.  This is made possible by using  different kinds of baits, scent attractants, and different stand  options (ladder, portable hanger, and some ground blinds).  Our  allocation allows us to hunt a 1200 square mile area, in which we  continually scout out new baiting locations in search of the next  record breaking bear.

Black Powder, Bow and Rifle Hunting
Whether you hunt with black powder, rifle or bow, we'll guarantee a safe and exciting black bear hunt. Contact us and let us arrange your next great Canadian Bear Hunt in Northern Manitoba.


To ensure ethical shots and thoughtful decision making, we have a fee of $500 for any hunter who draws blood from an unrecovered animal. This allows you to continue hunting, while helping us discourage situations that limit our resources.

Black Bear Outfitter

Close up of black bear

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